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Forum: Rules and Guidelines
Da Gaming Mafia Forums - Rules and Guidelines for all members

New members to the forums should look over the Help files before posting or asking questions, Thank You.

*Failure to follow any of the rules will result in a warning (usually first time offense, depending on the rule), deleting, or banning depending on the severity and number of offenses*


1.) Spamming - Posts in the form of spamming is absolutely NOT allowed, first offense will result in a warning and deleting, and repeated spamming may result in banning. Spamming includes flooding the forums with meaning/point less posts with no intention but to raise post counts and/or to disrupt the forums.

2.) Imping - Imping of another user's name in any way is not tolerated, first offense will result in a banning of that username, and repeated Imping will result in a IP ban.
Imping also applies to using the same (or simliar) avatar and/or signature to mock another member, in which case a warning will be given and a possible suspension for repeated cases.

3.) Recruitment Links - Any links posted for recruitment to any kind of online text based rpg/game (kings of chaos, etc.) that are meant to trick people into clicking/entering them will be deleted and a warning will be given.

4.) Racism - Racial comments of any kind are not tolerated, such comments will be dealt with immediately and a warning will be given. Repeated racial comments will result in banning.

5.) Content Warning - Adult content in threads is allowed as long as you label it as such. Please put a warning in the topic title or description if posting such content. (Examples: For nudity, Warning: Nudity or For gore, Warning: Graphic Images etc.)

6.) Flame Wars - Flaming is allowed as long as you keep it to a minimal amount, we do not want anything to go overboard and clutter up the forums.

Three strike policy: Warnings may be given (at the discretion of our moderators/admins) to members for breaking less serious rules. A member is limited to 3 warnings within a 24 hour period, after which further action will be taken if necessary.

All Da Gaming Mafia staff will enforce these rules at all times in the forums and as a user of the Da Gaming Mafia Forums you are expected to follow them always.
We're not asking much from you, just enjoy the site and keep it in order.

Rules last revised: 6/21/06
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